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Alcohol Cupcakes

Base Prices listed below are for:

  • Non-Custom Design

  • 21 Years Old & Up

  • Minimum Standards Per Flavor & Brand Selected

  • Frosting/Sprinkles/Drizzle

  • Sugar, Dairy & Gluten Included


(12) Standards $75 *Minimum per flavor*

(6) Standards $40 *Minimum per flavor*


Cupcake Flavors:


Berry Ciroc

Birthday Confetti Patron

Blackberry Bourbon

Caramel Apple Crown

Carrot Cake Rum

Chocolate Bourbon

Chocolate Caramel Bourbon

Coconut Ciroc

Cookies N Cream Vodka

Cookies N Cream Godiva

Lemon Margarita

Lime Margarita

Maple Bacon Whiskey

Pina Colada

Red Velvet Rum

Strawberry Daiquiri 

Strawberry Margarita ​


Brands & Flavors:


Apple Crown 

Bacardi Rum 

Berry Ciroc


Cherry Whiskey

Chocolate Godiva

Chocolate Wine

Coconut Ciroc


Jack Daniels

Jim Beam

Jose Quevero

Patron Silver

Plain Ciroc

Vanilla Crown

Queen of Sweets

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